Selection of current services to DAUP, CENG, QU, the profession and the community at large:

Dr. Fodil is currently acting as the Head of Department of Architecture & Urban Planning, and also coordinates the AUP Graduate Programs.

He sits as a member at the CENG-GSC committee and chairs the DAUP GSC committee.

He has established and manages the A-LRC (Architecture Learning Resource Center)

He is also the coordinator of the Architecture Exit Exam

He coordinates and liaise the external collaboration with GORD-Qatar.

Esteem Factor:

Dr. Fodil Fadli is expert reviewer/referee for several journals and conferences such as:

International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment (Associate Editor since 2014), Ashgate publishers (since 2010),  Journal of Architectural Conservation (since 2010), Building and Environment Journal (since 2010), International Journal of Architectural Heritage (since 2011),…


Expert and grant reviewer/consultant for international founding bodies (i.e. Emirates Foundation, Education authority,  Portugal PT Council…)


External Collaborations:

Examiner for MA-MRes-PhD thesis, University of Huddersfield, (since 2010)

On-going collaborative research and scientific activities with local and international institutions such as GORD (Qatar), IIT, Optim Design, JHU, VTU (US), UWE (UK), BME in Hungary, UNDP in Croatia, Barcelona INS in Spain and others in the MENA and GCC region…