On-Going Research Projects

  • Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) NPRP 7th cycle-NPRP#7-1406-2-507 The Design, Development & Use of Innovative Bio-Green Facades: Towards improved micro-climates and enhanced building performance in Qatar. Collaborators: Optim Design Inc., IIT, Cyclone Energy and Mingo Design Ltd. (US) – amount: $ 600,000-duration: Feb 2015-Feb 2018.
  • Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) NPRP 7th cycle-NPRP#7-1518-2-549 Multi-Objective Tall Building Topologies-Optimizing for Sustainability, Structural Performance & Economy. Collaborators: Johns Hopkins University, Virginia Tech University, Optim Design Inc., IIT/CTBUH, (US), MZP (Qatar)- amount: $ 800,000-duration: Jun 2015-Jun 2018
  • Co-Lead Principal Investigator (co-LPI) -NPRP 6th Cycle-NPRP#6-1208-2-492 CUBER: Critical Urban Building Emergency Response- Collaborators: UWE Bristol (UK) and MZP (Qatar)- amount: $ 950,000-duration: Feb 2014-Aug 2017.

Recently Completed Research Projects

  • January 2012- Principal Investigator- UREP 11th Cycle- Malls And Souqs Of Doha; Assessment And Guidelines For A Sustainable Design. Grant awarded by QNRF, $29,500 (1 year)
  • June 2011- Principal Investigator- UREP 10th Cycle- Digitalizing Qatari Heritage: Recording & Surveying a Vanishing Traditional Architecture. Grant awarded by QNRF, $30,000 (1 year).
  • Oct 2010- Principal Investigator – Awarded a grant by Qatar University to elaborate a platform for surveying the few remaining built heritage of Qatar , $13,195 (Ongoing- Oct 2010- April 2011)

Proposals and Bids under-preparation

On-going preparation for innovative R&DI proposals  to be submitted to QNRF, NSF and EU funding programs.