Teaching Philosophy

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn” is the best philosophy one should live. Teaching is learning for both students and teachers… it is believed that the theme behind the American educational system is to emphasize the role of facilitation rather than spoon feeding, the role of supporting students in their journey to learn rather than doing the job for them, and the role of mentor rather than teacher.

I believe education is facilitating the learning process, supporting students throughout their journey in university, and being the needed mentor. Such theme requires that you believe in your students and your ability to change them. It is also important to understand, communicate and collaborate with students in their learning process. With the Internet, social media and new ICT capabilities, teaching and doing research with students can be fun and fruitful.

We believe in curriculum, systems, and rules… but with today’s young generation, you need to convince, motivate and empower students. Being you, a learner, a role model, and an open-minded teacher is the price of success.

Dr. Emad Abu-Shanab

List of Courses taught:

  • Courses at Yarmouk University (Bachelor Degree):
    • Introduction to Computers (CIS101a), Introduction to MIS (MIS102 old plan), E-services (MIS109), Operations Research (MIS241), Electronic Commerce (MIS250), Software Project Management (MIS361), Production Information Systems (MIS381), Legal Issues in MIS (MIS421), and Special Topics (E-government; MIS492).
  • Courses at Yarmouk University (Master Degree):
    • Advanced Management Information Systems (MIS630), E-government (MIS654), Strategic Information Systems (MIS680), and Special Topics in MIS (E-marketing and E-CRM perspective; MIS691). Master Project coordinator in the department for many years (MIS695).
  • Courses in an IT management joint master program between Yarmouk University and Sunderland University – UK (Jointly taught):
    • Electronic Commerce, Risk Assessment for System Change & Quality and Information Systems Strategies.
  • Non-Degree Teaching:
    • Teaching in the higher diploma program in education technology (Change-Agent for Arab Development and Education Reform, CADER).
    • Teaching in The Faculty Development Center at Yarmouk University (IT courses and technology tools for faculty members).
    • Lectured and trained for AIESEC, an international youth group, and supported their activities at YU.
    • Miscellaneous lectures: Leadership, Communication skills, Time Management, Professional career planning & self-confidence & empowerment.
  • Courses at SIUC-USA:
    • Organizational Behavior, Management Science, Database Management, Computing for Business Administration, First Line supervision.
  • Courses at Qatar University:
    • Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIST 201),  Special Topic (Geographic Information Systems, MIST 390).