Research Philosophy

Research for me is twofold: getting what I want, and giving what my students want. Research involves questions that trigger in your mind and like to answer them. I did much research in diverse areas, with a concentration on e-government and technology acceptance. The major focus is more towards behavioral and social perspective of research.

Still I tried to support my colleagues and my students in publishing certain directions of research even though they are not within my interest. Even though we have no thesis programs (master or PhD), I managed to motivate my students into publishing much research and inscribe their names in many conference proceedings and journals. Once they started to enjoy the flavor of research they requested more and more.

I did not accomplish much in research, but with my short history in academia, I managed to be the highest cited scholar in my college, and ranked well on many topics I published in (Please check Google Scholar for records). I am very much interested in the behavioral and social view of e-government topic, but still published in other topics like technology acceptance, E-marketing, E-CRM, Digital divide, IT project management and E-learning.

Research makes me think of the same scenarios people face, but with different methods, it should build new knowledge and conclude to answers that help others understand the picture better.


Dr. Emad Abu-Shanab