Undergraduate Courses:

# Semester/ Year Course code and name Class Size Students’ evaluation scores
Fall 2010 Electronics Engineering (ELEC333), Electronics Engineering Lab (ELEC334), Senior Design Project 1 (ELEC498) >30 (ELEC333/334) 82.7
SP 2011 Fundamentals of Electronics (ELEC231, embedded lab, with Honors), Senior Design Project 1 (ELEC499) >26 (ELEC231) 87.00
Fall 2011 Independent Study (ELEC495), ELEC333, ELEC334 >28 (ELEC333/334) 83.4
SP 2012 Electrical Circuits 2 (ELEC202), Electrical Circuits 2 Lab (ELEC203), ELEC499 >31 (ELEC202/203) 85.6
Fall 2012 Sensors & Instrumentation (ELEC371, embedded lab), Independent Study (ELEC495), ELEC498, ELEC499 >27 (ELEC371) 97.65
SP 2013 ELEC231, ELEC498, ELEC499 >14 (ELEC231) 86.9
Fall 2013 ELEC371 (with Honors), ELEC499, GENG699 >12 (each section) 73.0
SP 2014 ELEC231, DENG699, GENG699, ELEC498 30 (ELEC231) 89.4
FL2014 ELEC371, 2xDENG699, 2xGENG699, ELEC498, ELEC499 35 (ELEC371) 92.3
SP2015 ELEC231 (with Honors), ELEC499, 2xDENG699, GENG699 >25 (ELEC231) 72.3
FL2015 ELEC371, ELEC498, 2xDENG699, GENG699 > 22 (ELEC371) 81.5
SP2016 ELEC231 (with Honors), ELEC499, ELEC498 >36 (ELEC231)


Sensors & Instrumentation (ELEC371) course has been offered at the first time at The Electrical Engineering Department of QU since Fall 2012. These courses are proposed by myself to bridge to fill a gap. This new course is a pre-requisite for new upper biomedical engineering courses.


Graduate Courses:

Course Level/Place Year Comment
Selected Topics in Communications ECCE6134 Graduate/Sultan Qaboos University FL2006 Topic: Ultra-wideband technology 3.1-10.6 GHz
Optical Fiber Communications (EE 590) Graduate/ Tuskegee University, AL, USA


CMOS Analog Design (EE 586) Graduate/ Tuskegee University, AL, USA FL2001

Project Supervision:

  • PhD Supervision (Mallick Shoaib, “Organic Sensors for gas salinity measurement”), since Fall 2014, EE Dept., CENG of QU.
  • PhD Supervision (Ali Shikoh, “High performance electrodes for solar cells”), since Spring 2014, EE Dept., CENG of QU.
  • MS Supervision (Muhammad Arshad, “Energy harvesting for WSN “, since Fall 2014.
  • MS Supervision (Sami Suliman Abueida, “Towards Safe Indoor Air Quality in View of the On-Going Massive development in the State of QATAR “, since Fall 2013, EE Dept., CENG of QU.
  • MS Supervision (Vinod Villoth, “Design and Simulation of Transceivers for Chip-to-Chip Optical Interconnects and Optical Communications“, April 2002, ECE Dept., College of Eng., Tuskegee University (Alabama, USA).
  • MS Supervision (Bouzid Mohamed, “Conception et Simulation des Amplificateurs CMOS et BiCMOS à Faible Bruit pour les systèmes UWB “, 2007, EE Dept., ENIS, Sfax, Tunisia.
  • MS Supervision (Al-Zidi Khaled, “Design of a Low-Supply Voltage SiGe LNA for 3.1-10.6 GHz Ultra-Wideband Front-end Applications“, 2007, ECE Dept., College of Eng., SQU (Oman).
  • PhD Supervision (Skander Douss, “Desing of 3.1-4.8-GHz CMOS TFI-OFDM UWB Mixer”), 2009, The National School of Engineering at Sfax (ENIS), Tunisia.
  • Senior Design Project: 11 projects (at QU)


Awards from SDP:

  • 2nd award in GCC senior design engineering competition, Ryadh 2013
  • 2nd award in National Instrument competition, Beirout 2013.
  • Shell Eco-Marathon Asia/Manila 5-9 Febr 2014, top 9.
  • UREP12 top 3 projects, QNRF competition 2014.