Dr. Monoem Haddad is a Graduate Faculty with Supervisory Status and an Assistant Professor in Exercise Physiology and Conditioning. He starts working at the University level since 2010 (He has been working at ISSEP-Ksar Said, University of Manouba and then at ISSEP-Kef, University of Jendouba in Tunisia before joining Qatar University in August 2014. He has been working as Adjunct Professor at Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College.

Academically, Dr Monoem is an exercise physiologist with MSc (Outstanding-Award of the University of Manouba) and PhD (First Class) in Exercise physiology, certified from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as Health and Fitness Professional. He finished his supervision doctoral studies from Oxford University Press.

As scientific researcher, Dr. Monoem has authored or co-authored several conference proceedings, book chapters, eBooks and articles published on peer-reviewed journals (more than 100 scientific publications) and has been awarded many grants, which allow him to be expert reviewer and editorial board member of numerous peer-reviewed journals and a keynote speaker at international conferences. He supervises 5 PhD (1 completed and 4 ongoing), 2 completed MSc and 34 completed BSc projects.

Moreover, in term of academic and professional services, Dr. Monoem was appointed for a three year term to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)-Professional Education Committee (From 2015 to 2018) and then at the ACSM-Research Award committee (From 2015 to 2021). In Qatar University, he is serving in many committees at the department, college and University level including committees of: Scheduling and Teaching Load, Research, Academic Quality and Curriculum, Student Affaires & Blackboard. Indeed, he is serving as a consultant for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar.

Professionally, Dr. Monoem has gotten many international certifications and diplomas. In 2011, he received his Fitness Coach Diploma in Football from the University of Greenwich (UK), the University of Palermo (Italy), the Italian Football Federation and the Italian Olympic Committee (Award: First Class with Merit), validated in 2012. Moreover, he has obtained the international Football coach License C delivered by the African Confederation of Football (CAF) in 2011. In 2014, he has been accredited as Scientific Performance Analyst from the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport, UK. One year after, he has been certified by the ACSM as Group Exercise Instructor (GEI). Recently, he got the Anthropometry Accreditation from International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). In Soccer, Dr. Monoem has been working as a strength and conditioning coach of young and then professional senior players at two of the best professional soccer teams among National League 1 in Tunisia (Avenir Sportif de la Marsa & Club Sportif de Hammam-Lif). In Taekwondo, after having been member of the Tunisian national team as athlete, he became a ‘’Master-Coach’’ in 2008, certified from ISSEP Ksar-Said, Manouba University-Tunisia and has trained different Taekwondo teams since 2004. He has International Master 5th DAN Black Belt accredited from the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon, Korea). Dr. Monoem won several national and international trophies as an athlete, coach and fitness coach in Taekwondo and Soccer as well.

Research interests

Training Optimization

Training and Performance Analysis

Fatigue and Injuries

Monitoring Training Load

Editorial Board

  • Editorial board Member, Science and Medicine in Football – Taylor & Francis Online.
  • Review editor, Frontiers in Physiology-Frontiers.
  • Editorial board Member, OMICS eBook Group.
  • Former Editorial board Member, “Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal”.
  • Former Editorial board Member, Advances in Sport Science and Medicine


  • Reviewer, Frontiers in Physiology
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
  • Reviewer, Journal of Sport Science
  • Reviewer, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
  • Reviewer, Biology of Sport
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Kinesiology
  • Reviewer, International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
  • Reviewer, Perceptual & Motor Skills
  • Reviewer, Asian Journal of Sport Medicine
  • Reviewer, Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review
  • Reviewer, Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Reviewer, Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal
  • Reviewer, Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science