Professor Majeda Khraisheh, PhD, CENG, FIChemE
Head, Department of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering, Qatar University
Tel: +974 4403 4993
Fax: +974 4403 4131
Mob:+974 30999747
P.O. Box : 2713 Doha-Qatar
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Professor Majeda Khraisheh joined Qatar University from University College London in 2009. Since then, Dr Majeda was very active researcher establishing national and international research links and been rewarded 3 Lead PI projects (Qatar foundation National Priority Research Project, NPRP) totaling more than 5 million USD. Dr Khraisheh is a fellow of the institute of British Chemical engineers and is one of the most highly cited researchers in Qatar university with upwards of 4500 citation and an h-index ranking of 30. She published her research in top tier chemical and environmental engineering 
 international journals. Two of these papers are rated as the 1st and 2nd best papers in their field in 2010. In addition, she have managed to attract industrial funding (890,000 USD) and built collaboration with local and international oil and gas Qatari-based industry. Since joining QU, Dr Khraisheh has achieved top awards in leadership and mentoring Leadership Excellence Award for Women from the conference and exhibition of engineering for the Middle East in 2013, The Qatar University Outstanding teaching awards in 2012, The Qatar University Merit award in 2014 and many more at a college and departmental level. Dr Majeda is well known for her work with undergraduate students through numerous UREP awards and through her position as the Director of the Honours Program. In addition, she supervised successfully a number of PhD and MSc students and established a successful research group at QU.