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Research interest:

  • Security and privacy for cyber-physical systems
  • Wireless communication security
  • IoT Security and Privacy
  • UAV cyber-security



  • Undergraduate Research Experience Programme (UREP21-118-1-021), LEAD PI:┬áDefeating Evil-Twin attack with Friendly-Twin devices [10000USD].
  • QU Internal grant (QUST-2-CENG-2017-27 – 2017), LEAD PI: Opinion guessing through eye tracking [3800USD].
  • National Priority Research Program (NPRP10-0125-170250 – 2017), LEAD PI: Cyber Security For Next-Generation Healthcare In Qatar [600K USD].
  • National Priority Research Program (NPRP10-0105-170107 – 2017), PI: Cyber Security, Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Resilient Control Recovery of Cyber-Physical Industrial Control Systems [836500 USD].
  • National Priority Research Program (NPRP10-1203-160008 – 2017), PI: Qatar Greener Schools Initiative [600K USD].
  • QU Internal grant (QUUG-CENG-CSD-17\18-1 – 2017), Lead PI: Detection, mitigation, and localization of jamming attacks in Wireless Networks [41200 USD].
  • QU internal grant (QUST-CENG-SPR\2017-28 – 2017), Lead PI: Using visible light communications (VLC) to authenticate Wi-Fi access points [705 USD]. Awarded as 2nd best Senior Design Project at CSE.
  • QNRF Conference & Workshop Sponsorship Program (CWSP11-W-1023-16037 – 2016), Lead PI: Current trends and challenges for cyber-security in IoT architectures [14000 USD].
  • QU internal grant (QUST-CENG-SPR-15/16-16 2016), LEAD PI: Data acquisition techniques and privacy issues in wireless networks [2090 USD].