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Active projects:


Classification of encrypted data transmitted over WiFi: attacks and mitigation techniques.


  • Categorization of encrypted WiFi traffic.
  • Applications de-anonymization.
  • Encrypted traffic analytics.

Students: Ahmed Mohamed Hussain, Sayyaf Saleh.


Data exfiltration via USB: study, analysis and mitigation techniques


  • Study and analyze data exfiltration techniques by exploiting malicious USB dongles.
  • Proposing mitigation techniques.

Students: Mohammad Hossein Saeid Shakerpour, Faher M.Fadi Bakri.


Opinion guessing through eye tracking


  • Demonstrate the feasibility of an automated algorithm to infer on opinions and thoughts of users by exploiting eye tracking,
  • Setting up a proof-of-concept demonstrator.

Students: Ali Abdulhafiz Farhat, Anas Tahir.


Physical Layer Security for Power Line Communications (Collaboration with Iberdrola-QSTP)

Objectives: Study, analysis, and development of techniques to enforce security and privacy on power line communications.

Students: Faryal Asadulla, Hafsa Amin, Aisha Mohammad Jaffar, Afnan Abdullah, Aisha Mohammed Hag.


Past projects

Using visible light communications (VLC) to authenticate Wi-Fi access points

Objectives: The aim of this project is to authenticate WiFi Access Points by exploiting Visible Light Communications.

Students: Faryal Asadulla, Hafsa Amin, Aisha Mohammad Jaffar.


Data acquisition techniques and privacy issues in wireless networks 

Objectives: Development of an integrated environment for collecting wireless data and exploit them for several purposes, e.g, taking attendance, malicious activities, and users tracking.

Students: Dana Adel Abumoza, Sadaf Hanif Baji, Siti Nur Ummu Hani Binti Daud.