Before joining Qatar University, Dr. Aljafari was an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Marketing at the University of Jordan. Prior to that, Dr. Aljafari taught several marketing courses at Oklahoma State University – USA including Supply Chain Management, Services Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Principles, and the capstone Marketing Strategy course. In 2010, He received the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate Award – Spears School of Business, OSU. His research interests include Inter-Organizational Relationships, Ingredient Branding, Market Orientation, and Entrepreneurial Orientation. His research work has appeared in the Journal of Global Marketing, American Marketing Association (AMA), Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) and the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators (ACME) conference proceedings. Dr. Aljafari is an ad/hoc reviewer for a number of research institutions such as the European Journal of Marketing and the Marketing Educators Conference (AMA).