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INFO: SKIMA 2020 is postponed to December 2020 (due to COVID context…)


The 13th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2019), 26-28 Aug. 2019, Ulkulhas, Maldives. The conference brings together researchers, students and experts in Knowledge Management, Software Engineering and Information Systems to share their ideas, experiences and insights.


Keynote Speech on disruptive technologies

Prof. H. Ugail (organizer)

Talk M. Nasheed (ex-President of Maldives)


3 Industry Integrated Engineering and Computing Education Curriculum Workshops, Qatar, Qatar University, Oct. 2019/Nov. 2018/Oct. 2016

Example of Program –> here


QU hosts second Computing Education Curricula Workshop
HomeQU hosts second Computing Education Curricula Workshop
Qatar is building large-scale infrastructures (healthcare system, ports/airports, metro/rail mega-projects, large logistics facilities, World Cup facilities, etc.) which all require powerful, interrelated, ergonomic and secured IT and Information Systems.  The competency needs in these fields will largely increase in the next years in the perspective of a more digital-based economy. The cybersecurity subfield is becoming particularly crucial to secure all the already set up complex Information Systems. IT students should acquire additional courses in applied psychology and sociology to be able to understand the hackers’ psychological profiles and their social behaviours, as well as the practices of users of IT systems. The specificities of the strategic and operational functions of cybersecurity, and their rapid evolution, are a key issue in building/updating methods of new competency frameworks,
Brainstorming sessions between experts from Academia, Industry and Government will explore the best competency frameworks and the possible Industry/Academia collaborative learning platforms to be implemented, including industry based learning (graduate programs).

PLM21 will be organised on 11-14 July 2021 in Curitiba, Brazil.

The conference aims at involving all stakeholders of the wide concept of PLM, hoping to shape the future of this new field and advance the science and practice of enterprise development. PLM IC is the official conference of the WG5.1 as well as the International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management (IJPLM). Beyond the scientific presentations, the conference dedicates:

– A full day for industry panels and presentations by CEOs, Program Directors and highly industry and government representatives,  followed by intense podium discussions with researchers and other participants from industry (ex. PLM20: Buehler Group, Amstein + Waltehrt, DigitalLab@HSR;  PLM19: Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, Ministry of Economy Industry and Competitiveness, ASTI, Mecanizados y Montajes Aeronáuticos, AIRBUS, INEGI, SINTEF, Everis, TECNATOM, Marlo Tech, Soltel,  Servinform).

– A PhD workshop
– A Webinar
– 2 Awards: IFIP Awards
for the «Marco Garetti Best Paper» and the «Best PhD study»
– Prestigious industrial site visits (Starcity Astronauts/Cosmonauts training centre in Moscow PLM19, Maserati Levante site in Turin PLM18, Renault site in Seville PLM17, Boeing Dreamliner site in Charleston PLM16, FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadium in Doha 2015…).
– Panels on economic visions
– Special Sessions on current socio-economical subjects
– Keynote Speakers
– Special issues in Scientific Journals

Join us in Curitiba next July 2021!
(For more Information on previous PLM Conferences see Here)
Organization: plm2021@pucpr.br
or IFIP WG5.1: abdelaziz.bouras@qu.edu.qa

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