Dr. Wael Yousef started off his education at Sana’a University, located in Yemen, B. ED Bachelor of Education – English Department. He then finished off his Master of Education – Instructional Technology at Wayne State University, in Michigan, USA. Finally, ending with a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Technology degree – College of Technology at Eastern Michigan University also in Michigan. Dr. Yousef has an experience of 22 years working in Education. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor / Assessment Coordinator of Core Curriculum Program, Qatar University. Dr. Yousef is providing high‐quality academic assessment for courses in the Core Curriculum Program. He is analyzing PLO achievement results and data analysis to identify strengths and fix weaknesses to improve the students learning. He has been a valuable member of the team, guiding the teaching staff toward making sound instructional decisions when implementing both formative and summative assessments.
Prior to joining the faculty at QU, Dr. Yousef was an assessment Director of Global Educational Excellence (Management Company of Charter Schools) in Michigan. He has provided high quality academic, assessment results and data analysis for the faculty, students, and parents of the schools over the years. Dr. Yousef is a true professional and an extremely organized and disciplined leader. He collaborates with others, uses appropriate data to establish rigorous, concrete goals in the context of student achievement and instructional programs. He evaluates staff and provides ongoing coaching for improvement. He ensures staff members have professional development that directly enhances their performance and improves student learning. He uses current research and theory about effective schools and leadership to develop and revise professional growth plan. Dr. Yousef engages family and community by promoting shared responsibility for student learning and support of the education system. Dr. Yousef demonstrates the ethical and professional behavior. He demonstrates values, beliefs, and attitudes that inspire others to higher levels of performance. He fosters and maintains caring professional relationships with staff. He facilitates the connections between students and families to the health and social services that support a focus on learning. He collaboratively establishes a culture that welcomes and honors families and community and seeks ways to engage them in student learning.

  • end2014

    Assistant Professor / Assessment Coordinator of Core Curriculum Program

    Qatar University

  • PhD 2011

    Educational Technology

    Eastern Michigan University