Current Students

  • Maram Hasanain, PhD-prospective, Qatar University.
  • Rana Malhas, PhD-prospective, Qatar University.
  • Reem Suwaileh, MSc-prospective, Qatar University.
  • Mona Alnaimi, MSc., University of Sharjah (UAE), Thesis topic: TBD. (As a co-advisor).

Graduated Students

  • Hind Almerekhi, MSc., Qatar University. Thesis title: “Developing a Test Collection for Significant-Event Detection in Arabic Tweets“. Graduated in Fall 2015. (As advisor. Now preparing PhD applications)
  • Latifa AlMarri , MSc., Qatar University. Thesis title: “Utilizing Hashtags in Microblogs Adhoc Retrieval“. Graduated in Spring 2015. (As advisor. Now an IT Manager at QU)
  • Maram Hasanain, MSc., Qatar University. Thesis title: “Query Performance Prediction for Microblog Search“. Graduated in Fall 2014. (As advisor. Now a PhD student at QU)
  • Nassma Mohandes, MSc., Qatar University. Thesis title: “Effective Recommendation of Reviewers to Research Proposals“. Graduated in Spring 2013. (As a co-advisor)
  • Eslam Elnikety, MSc., KAUST. Thesis title: “iHadoop: Asynchronous Iterations Support for MapReduce“. Graudated in Summer 2011. (As a co-advisor. Now a PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems).