03/07/2007 to 15/06/2009  Assistant Professor -Faculty of Materials Science and Eng., GIKI, Pakistan

Taught the following undergraduate courses:


MM112 Introduction to Engineering Materials

MM 211 Materials Thermodynamics

MM 231 Phase Equilibria and Microstructures

MM 332 Heat Treatment and Processing

MM 362 Ceramics and Glasses

MM 313 Foundry Engineering

MM 452 Surface Engineering

18/09/2003 to 27/05/2007 – Graduate Assistant (GA)-Faculty of Materials Science and Eng., GIKI, Pakistan

Assisting Faculty Members in their teaching and research activities

Teaching undergraduate courses

Supervised Lab. Experiments for undergraduate students

MM 344 Materials Lab IV (Heat Treatment, Foundry Engineering, Polymer Engineering)

MM 345 Materials Lab V (Welding and Joining, Non Ferrous Extraction Metallurgy)