Dr Raffaello Furlan

Architect, B.Arch., M.Arch. (IUAV, Venice, Italy),

PhD. Architecture, (Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia)



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Dr. Raffaello Furlan (nationality: Italian-Australian) holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees from IUAV University in Venice (Italy), and a PhD in Architecture from Griffith University in Brisbane (Australia). He has held visiting and permanent positions in Italy (IUAV in Venice), Australia (University of Queensland and Griffith University in Brisbane), UAE (Canadian University of Dubai) and Qatar (Qatar University in Doha). He has been teaching Art History, History of Architecture, Project Management, Urban Design, Architecture Design and Interior Design. His areas of interest include Vernacular Architecture, Architecture and Urban Sociology, Project management, Art History. Member of the Board of Architects in Italy and Australia, he has 20 years professional experience, split between design management, project management and supervision roles, with some highly respected companies, 6 years of which were in Italy, 10 years in Australia, and 4 years in the GCC. In these roles he was involved in managing the design concept, documentation, construction and supervision of residential and commercial developments from inception through to completion, including planning, estimating, client/consultant/contractor interactions and site inspection services. Dr Furlan is currently engaged as principal investigator in research projects funded by QNRF and Qatar University, with focus on Urban Sociology, Sustainable Urbanism and Vernacular Architecture. Since 2014, Dr Furlan has written about 50 papers, accepted and published in referred international journals, and presented at peer reviewed international conferences and seminars.