1. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), Framework for Railway Research, Industrial funding from Qatar Rail, value $180k, start 16/10/2017, end 30/4/2020, Grant Ref: QUEX-CENG-Rail 17/18.
  2. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), Investigating the effects of soil inhomogeneity and tunnel cross-sections on vibration from underground railways, Qatar University Grant, value 66,000 QAR, start 08/01/2017, end 31/12/2018, Grant Ref: QUUG-CENG-CAE-17\18-2.
  3. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: LPI), A Unified Approach to Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Floors, QNRF 8th cycle, Value $800k, 10/02/2016-10/08/2019, Grant Ref: NPRP8-836-2-353.
  4. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Primary Research Mentor), Characterization of soil profile and properties by Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves, Value $30k, 11/2016-11/2017, Grant Ref: UREP19-042-2-016.
  5. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Research Mentor), Lateral Design Assessment of Low and Mid-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structures in Doha, Value $50k, 01/2016-01/2017, Grant Ref: UREP18-144-2-058.
  6. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), Vibration of Civil Engineering Structures, Qatar University Students Grant, value 31,500 QAR, start 20/09/2015, end 19/09/2016, Grant Ref: QUST-CENG-SPR-14/15-22.
  7. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), Modelling of Rotational Stiffness of pads and its influences on dynamics of railway tracks, Qatar University Start-up Grant, value 39,270 QAR, start 21/09/2015, end 31/03/2016, Grant Ref: QUSG-CENG-CAE-14\15-4.
  8. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), Modelling Of Train Induced Vibration (MOTIV), EPSRC responsive mode, Value £262,000, start 1/9/2012, end: 28/2/2017, Grant Ref: EP/K005847/1.
  9. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), Visiting Research Fellowship, Trinity College Cambridge University, Value £10k, from July to December 2012, Ref: CM12.95.
  10. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), EPSRC CASE studentship on developing holistic approach for the design of railway infrastructure, Value £88k, 10/5/2011, end: April 2016, Grant Ref: EP/J500483/1.
  11. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), Measurements of vibration from trams in Nottingham, the Nuffield Foundation for undergraduate student placement, 15/2/2011, Value £2k, Grant Ref: URB/39498.
  12. M.F.M. Hussein (Role: Lead-PI), equipment for dynamic testing in centrifuge environment, internal divisional funding, Value £7k, 8/5/2009.