Title of Research Funding Agency  

Grant Amount


        Project               Duration (y)      Role in                    Research*
1.      Evaluating Current Paradigm Shift in Information Systems Research


    Qatar  University       $26,027                  1   Lead Principal            investigator
2.      Gamification of Education Qatar University       $30,567                 1   Lead Principal            investigator


3.      Using half a trillion tweet to analyze sentiments in the Arab World


QNRF       $863,970                 3        Principal                  investigator
4.    An Investigation of The Cultural Impact on Organizational Technology-Enabled Change Capability


Qatar University        $12,328                 1   Lead Principal           investigator
5.    Predictive Modeling for IT Project Risk Management.  


Canada Research Chair in Strategic Management of IT


       $60,000                 6          Co-LPI
6.    Performance Grant. HEC Montreal          $2,500              N/A  




* LPI: Lead Principal Investigator; CO-LPI: Co-Principle Investigator; PI: Principle Investigator; C: Consultant, Other: specify.