Dr. Mohammed Elgammal is an Associate Professor of Finance at Qatar University before he worked at the University of Westminster, the University of Aberdeen, East London University, and Menoufia University. Elgammal has worked previously in the Commercial International Bank.  Dr. Elgammal is an active researcher in the area of expected return modeling with a particular focus on macroeconomic variables and he has published many papers in top international journals. Dr. Elgammal has been awarded many grants from prestigious institutions, including the Egyptian government, the European Economic Research Council, NPRP, UREP funded from QNRF and Qatar University. In addition, Dr. Elgammal has served as CEO of Westminster Managerial and Education solution, London, UK. He is a member of the editorial board of Cogent of Finance and Economics, Sage Open Journal, and Asian Pacific Management Accounting Journal. He is also the President of the Asian Pacific Management Accounting Association (APMAA) and Chair of the APMAA Doha 2019 conference.

He has published widely on these topics in internationally respected peer-reviewed journals such as Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Electronic Commerce Research, and Applications the Journal of Applied Economics. Resources Policy the Journal of Asset Management, Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Applied Economic Letters, Journal of Business and Policy Research, Afro-Asian J. Finance and Accounting, and Studies in Business & Economics Journals. He is an editor for Cogent Economics & Finance journal. He has been awarded research grants from different internationally respected organizations including Qatar University, the Egyptian Government, University, Economic and Social Research Council, and Qatar National Research Foundation.

  • Present2012

    Assistant Professor of Finance

    College of Business and Economics, Qatar University

  • 20122011

    Senior Lecture in Finance

    Westminster Business School, University of Westminster, UK

  • 20122010

    Teaching Fellow

    University of Aberdeen Business School, UK

  • 20102006

    Teaching Assistant

    University of Aberdeen Business School, UK

  • 20062003


    Faculty of Commerce, Menoufia University, Egypt

  • 20031997

    Assistant lecturer

    Faculty of Commerce, Menoufia University, Egypt

  • Ph.D 2010

    Ph.D. in Finance

    University of Aberdeen, Business School, UK

  • Master 2003

    Master degree in Business Administration

    Suez Canal, University, Egypt

  • BA 1992

    Bachelor degree in Business Administration

    Suez Canal, University, Egypt

  • 2014
    Research excellence,Qatar University, CBE.