1.Principle investigator in NPRP12S-0131-190030

Title: The Sunflower Effect: A Bio-Inspired Approach for Heat-Seeking 4D/3D Printed Solar Cells

2.Lead principle investigator in IRCC_2020

Title: Non-invasive method for early detection of Heart failure from MEMS based Biomedical sensors

3.Principle investigator in IRCC_2020

Title: Glycan profile analysis and enrichment towards diagnostics of breast cancer using advanced detection of cancer biomarkers.

4.Principle investigator in IRCC_2020

Title: Smart, Snap-on Device for Detecting Aggressive Behaviors in Children with Autism during Meltdown Events

5.Primary Research Mentor in UREP23-116-2-041

Title: Highly selective e-nose as VOC biomarkers in breath based on sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) [SPEEK]/2D metal carbide MXenes nanocomposites .

6.Lead Principal Investigator in NPRP11S-1221-170116

Title: Functionalized 2D graphene and MXene nanocomposites-based prototype for CO2-to-C2 fuels electro-conversion with smart online monitoring sensor system.

7.Principal Investigator in NPRP11S-0110-180247

Title: A noninvasive monitor to predict hypoglycemia in diabetes patients.

8.Primary Research Mentor in UREP24-133-2-036

Title: An integrated NFC sensor for monitoring of concrete structures life span and oil/ gas pipeline leakage

9.Lead principle investigator in QUST-1-CAM-2019-8

Title: 3D printed MXene based sensors for biomedical applications, Qatar University, Lead principle investigator.

10.Primary Research Mentor in HSREP01-0425-190067

Title: Design and device fabrication of photosensor based on conducting polymer composites (Polyaniline/titanium nanorods)

11.Principle investigator IN Qatar University, Internal grants (High Impact)

Title: Mesoporous Engineering of MXenes for Energy Storage and Cancer Therapy