Dr. Kien Trung Le is Research Associate Professor at Qatar University. He came to SESRI in 2010 and has been the Institute’s sampling statistician in charge of sampling, data weighting and statistical analysis. Dr. Kien had a leading role in developing the protocols and algorithms for proper sampling design for field and phone interviewing, as well as protocols for household and labor camp selection. He has been the principal investigator for SESRI’s Omnibus surveys for CAPI, a number of NPRP grant projects, and a co-principal investigator for the Qatar Semi-annual surveys for the telephone. He has authored and co-authored over a dozen of SESRI’s reports.

Dr. Le earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia. While at U.Va  he simultaneously worked at U.Va’s  Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. At the Weldon Cooper Center for Survey Research unit, he was exposed to a wide variety of academic survey research activities, covering all aspects of survey research from Questionnaire development to report writing. His work entailed programming CATI instruments, Visual Basic macros, SPSS scripts and numerous databases, including an interlinked client billing, project management, CATI management and reminder calling database. More importantly, he became expert in public opinion-related statistical procedures and best practices for simple and complex sampling, data weighting, and analysis.

His research areas include Survey Methodology and Applied Economics. He has numerous publications in both economics and survey research journals. More recently these include papers on the labor migration system in GCC countries, household sampling techniques, and regional data collection methodology.

Academic Positions

  • PersentApril 2015

    Research Associate Professor

    Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, Qatar University, Qatar

  • March 2015Sep 2010

    Research Assistant Professor

    Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, Qatar University , Qatar

  • July 20102008


    Weldon Cooper Center for Public Services, University of Virginia, USA

  • 20082006

    Research Analyst

    Weldon Cooper Center for Public Services, University of Virginia, USA


  • Ph.D. August 2008


    University of Virginia, USA

  • M.A. August 2004


    University of Virginia, USA

  • B.A. June 1998


    National Economics University, Vietnam


  • 2010
    “Transnational Labor Migration in Qatar: An Empirical Sociological Analysis.”

  • 2011
    “Marriage Delay in Qatar: An Investigation into Determinants and Consequences.”

  • 2012
    “Qatari Attitudes toward Migrants.”

  • 2013
    “Improving Survey Reliability in Qatar: Assessing the Impact of Interviewer Nationality on Qatari Respondents.”

  • 2014
    “Social Capital in Qatar.”

  • 2015
    “Improving Survey Quality in Qatar: Interview Privacy and its Effects on Respondents’ Answers.”

  • 2016
    “Fertility of Qatari and Other GCC Nationals in a Context of High Dependency on Foreign Labour: An Innovative Approach for Policy Making on Family Building.”