Dr. Igor Krupa graduated in Technical Physical and Analytical Chemistry at Faculty of Chemical Technology of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Slovakia and then  obtained PhD degree in Macromolecular Chemistry from Polymer Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences in 1999 where he then worked till August 2012. He was on two long-term postdoctoral stays at the University of the Free State in South Africa (1999-2000) and in Rhodia Research Centrum in France (2001-2002).  His research interests include polymer composites, nanocomposites and blends, sol-gel technologies, photo-actuating materials, phase change materials, recycling and surface treatment of polymeric surfaces.  In 2012 he was appointed as QAPCO Polymer Chair at Center for Advanced Materials at Qatar University.

Academic Positions

  • PresentMay 2012

    QAPCO Polymer Chair.

    Center for Advanced Materials, Office of VP for research, Qatar University, Qatar.

  • September 2012May 2011

    Head of Department of Composite Materials.

    Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia.

  • May 20112009

    Head of Department of Theoretical and Applied Research of Polymeric Materials.

    Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia.

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