Dr. Mazen Hasna has about twelve years of academic experience, and has a distinguished record in research, teaching, and education leadership.

In particular, Dr. Hasna has an outstanding research profile resulted in being on the 2015 highly cited list of Thomson Reuters. He has an H-index of 18 with a record of more than 120 indexed publications. His pioneering work on cooperative communication and relayed transmission has around 3000 citations, with a single paper on performance analysis of dual hop systems receiving more than 1000 citations. On top of that, Dr. Hasna has received research grants in the last 10 years worth of more than $5M. He contributed to many IEEE conferences and journals, and he is the general chair of WCNC 2016 that will be held in Doha in April, 2016. On the service side, Dr. Hasna has led a project to build a low cost wireless network in the Comoros Islands to help connecting the three islands and to enable internet connectivity to distance and low gifted areas. In addition, Dr. Hasna is the co-founder of Qatar Mobility Innovation Center, an applied research center promoting the innovations in the wireless and mobile communications area which resides in Qatar Science and Technology Park. The center was recently valued to worth more than $40M.