Professor of Public Law.

Academic Dean of Police College, Interior Ministry 2013 – 2014.

Dean of College of Law from 2007 – 2010.

Judge of the Qatar International Court (Qatar Financial Center).

Member of Qatari Lawyers Admission Committee, Ministry of Justice.

Winner of State Incentive Award in LAW 2012.

Academic Positions

  • Present2018

    sample position

  • 20182009

    sample position

  • 20132013

    Visiting Scholar

    William & Mary University, Virginia , USA

  • 20062006

    Visiting Scholar

    Georgetown University Law Centre

  • 20062006

    Visiting Scholar

    George Washington University Law School, USA

  • 20092004

    Assistant Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law

    College of Law, Qatar University

  • 20041997

    Assistant lecturer

    College of Law, Qatar University

  • 19971993

    Teaching Assistant

    College of Sharia, Law and Islamic Studies, Qatar University


  • PhD 2000-2003

    PhD in Law

    East Anglia University, Norwich, United Kingdom

  • Thesis title: 'Towards Liberalizing Public Procurement Law in GCC Member States'
  • Master 1994- 1997

    Master in Law (LLM)

    College of Postgraduate, University of Jordan, Jordan

  • Thesis title: 'The Legal system of Public corporation in Qatar and Jordan Kingdom'
  • B.A 1988-1993

    Law degree (LLB)

    Faculty of Law, Kuwait University

Professional experience

  • 20142013

    Academic Dean

    Police College, Interior Ministry, Qatar

  • Present2010


    Qatar Financial Center Court

  • Jan 2010April 2007


    College of Law, Qatar University, Qatar

  • April 2007Jan 2006

    Acting Dean

    College of Law, Qatar University, Qatar

  • Jan 2006March 2005

    Associate Dean

    College of Law, University of Qatar, Qatar

  • March 2005Oct 2004


    Steering Committee of the College of Law, University of Qatar, Qatar

  • Present2003


    Local Court


  • Present2016


    Tender Committee in Qatar University

  • 20102009

    Vice President

    of Qatari Lawyers Association

  • 20132010


    Board of Directors of Family Consultant Center

  • 20142007


    Board of Directors of the Doha International Center for Dialogue between religions

  • Present2006


    Qatari Lawyers Association

  • Present2006


    Qatari Lawyers Admission Committee, Ministry of Justice

  • 20102008


    Board of Directors of the Channel (Poet of the Prophet)

  • 20062005


    student affairs committee, Qatar University

  • 20052004


    Reform Implementation Committee of the University of Qatar


  • 2012
    State Incentive Award in Law, Qatar

  • 2012
    Excellence in teaching award, College of Law , Qatar University

Conferences & Seminars

  • March 2016
    Women and judiciary Conference, Women's Cultural and Social Society, Kuwait (Submitted a Paper on the constitutional aspects relating to Women entering the judiciary system)

  • Feb 2016
    Law and Medicine Conference, Qatar University, Weill Cornell Medicine College and others, Qatar (Chairing a session)

  • Jan 2016
    First Cultural Symposium of Qatar Lawyers Association, Qatar code of law practice, Qatar Lawyers Association, Doha

  • Dec 2015
    11th conference for Lawyers and Arbitrators of Gulf Cooperation Council, Qatar Lawyers Association, Doha (Speaker, submitted a paper on litigation procedures in Qatar International Court)

  • Nov 2015
    Qatar new corporate law seminar, Ministry of justice, Doha (Chairing a session)

  • May 2015
    Transparency in government contracting procedures, Qatar Chamber and Qatar Lawyers Association, Doha ( Submitted a paper)

  • April 2015
    Doha Youth Forum : Crime prevention and Criminal justice, Rule of Law, Fighting Crime, United Nations Forum, Qatar Convention Center, (Speaker)


  • Sept 2015
    ‘Storm-of-Thought’ Alliance Symposium, Abu Dhabi

  • Feb 2015
    Round table for legal awareness, human resources law, labor law, Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue, Doha

  • Feb 2015
    Global Law Summit, Rule of law, constitutional court, British Ministry of Justice, London

  • Jan 2015
    Impediments to the conduct of the litigation, Qatari Procedural Law, Qatar Lawyers Association, Doha

  • Dec 2014
    Child and Justice, Qatar Foundation for Social Protection and Rehabilitation, Doha

  • Nov 2014
    Civil Law, 10 years since the establishment of Qatar's Civil Law, College of Law, Qatar University