Dr. Ahmed Ali Mohammad is an associate professor of accounting at Qatar University in the Accounting and Information Systems Department. He joined QU as an Assistant Professor in the College of Business and Economics in August 2014. He has been working over 25 years in the academic and professional teaching of accounting. His research interests span both accounting and information systems. Much of his work has been on developing the building blocks of knowledge and innovation accounting. In addition he has made numerous contributions to Accounting Information Systems arena. In tracing the impact of technology on accounting, he concentrates on issues related to conceptual framework of accounting. He has about 15 international journal articles. His articles have appeared in IJVCM, IJCA, IJBPM, IJLIC, IJAIS, IJBIR, IJMFA, and IJASM. He has presented over 8 papers and published 10 in the international conferences. Dr. Mohammad teaching philosophy has been built on the fact that learning accounting is based on practicing accounting and such philosophy has to be reflected in teaching accounting courses inside class. Plus, he has taught most of the accounting courses according to holistic and comprehensive approach of business. He had strong believed in the changing nature of accounting in terms of knowledge and practices. According to his own research philosophy, it’s the time for accounting to move from value realization to value creation. The wisdom of Dr. Mohammad is that practical body of accounting fills of history dust but has nothing from the future facts.

  • Ph.D. 2004

    Accounting Information Systems

    Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University (FMS Delhi)

  • Master of Accounting 1994

    Financial Accounting

    University of Baghdad

  • Bachlore 1990


    University of Baghdad

  • Present2014

    Associate Professor of Accounting

    Qatar University