My PhD was a long journey towards understanding the budgeting system in Jordanian Private Universities. It demonstrated on the application of the budget and budget participation concepts and tests the level of participation in these institutions. The effect of that on the performance also was investigated. However, my research was more on managerial accounting (Budgets and Costing systems) Accounting Education and Auditing procedures are in my interest as well.

I have published over than 17 articles in the past 5 years, most of which in international refereed journals. This increases my experience towards the publication procedures and enhances my ability to undertake more research. It is my goal to publish in 4 stars journal and i am targeting Accounting, Organizations & Society (one of the top) as it introduces topics at my research interests

International Education Standards inspire me to deliver knowledge to students based on motivating their skills. I do my best to encourage students to work in groups, discussing accounting scenarios, brainstorming, writing research and using relevance trees. Traditional teaching modes are also in practice in some courses as well as contemporary methods depend on the learning outcomes and the size of the class. We urge students to use the resources attached to some international books, using the mat labs, test banks and so on.

7 years of experience 2 years in University of Aberdeen as a Tutorial Assistant and over than 5 years in ASU improved my skills to deliver the knowledge in the appropriate way. It is important to me to be updated with the professional needs and requirements. In ASU we teach the most updated Books using Willey, Pearson, McGraw hill and other publishers’ books. Also I have taught master students as a par timer in three universities in Jordan where research is encouraged. The students were prepared to start new proposals and delivering presentations.

I teach CMA, CPA, and CIA to professionals (Financial managers and accountants), this enhance my professional experience and attached me to the practice specifically audit profession. I was auditor in one of the small audit offices and i use to be accountant 10 years ago. I served as the Head of Accounting Department in ASU in 2013/2014. Twenty seven Academic professors and over than 1300 students in both BSc and MSc were under my responsibility. We have developed the teaching techniques during my 2013/2014 and developed the syllabi in the Accounting Department. Master students become more able to write research after conducting 2 seminars for each student every semester to introduce their proposals.

Supervision is one of the main tasks i practice in ASU. I supervise BSc in Applied Research course to write 15-25 pages concentrating on how to write critical literature review and conducting pilot data collection techniques. I supervised over than 10 MSc students during the last 4 years. They start writing their proposal and then their dissertations should be in the range between 100-150 pages covering proposal. We urge students to critically write the literature and establishing the proper methodology for their dissertation and properly writing the results.

My experience in University of Aberdeen enhances my ability to work with different nationalities and international students. I find myself coping with cultural differences. Respecting others and accepting differences is very important in all aspects of life. It is important also to show commitment and also express your appreciation to the community that you are living with. Therefore voluntarily work is preferable every day to help community in all aspects of the life.

Being updated with technology changes is crucial for daily achievement and development. I participate with ASU and out of the university in different programs such as Discovering Statistics SPSS, ICDL, and Management courses. I attend conferences in Jordan explaining how to use publisher resources in our university system.

I am member in the Institute of the Management Accountant IMA and I use to be a member for ICAS and BAFA in the UK. I have taught over than 50 programs in private and public institutions. This covers courses in Jordan Certified Public Accountants JCPA, and Certified Management Accountants CMA. So contributing to the community is one of my priorities.

Osama Mah’d

  • PhD 2010

    Phd in Accounting

    UK, Aberdeen

  • MSc 2006

    Master in Accounting


  • endstart

    Assistant Professor of Accounitng

    Qatar University

  • endstart

    Associate Professor of Accontancy

    Applied Science Private University