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Dr. Anand Kumar joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Qatar University in 2012 as an assistant professor. Prior to joining Qatar University, he completed his PhD from the University of Notre Dame in 2011 and spent one year in MIT as a postdoctoral associate. His research interests include nanomaterials synthesis and their application in catalysis. Combustion synthesis and microfluidic synthesis are the primary techniques used for developing catalytically active nanomaterials consisting of metals and metal oxides. Currently his research group is working on hydrogen production, catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide, oxygen reduction, photo-electrocatalytic water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction, solar fuels development.

  • Present2018

    Associate Professor

    Department of Chemical Engineering

  • 20182012

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Chemical Engineering

  • 20122011

    Postdoctoral Associate

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • PhD 2011


    University of Notre Dame

  • B Tech 2006

    B Tech (Hons)

    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Teaching Interests: 

Chemical Reaction Engineering
Mass Transfer
Chemical Process Control
Natural Gas Treatment


Plant Design
Pollution Control
Numerical Methods
Engineering Economics
Special Topics in Chemical Engineering (Heterogeneous Catalysis)

Research Interest: Combustion synthesis, Microfluidic synthesis, Carbon dioxide conversion, Hydrogen production, Electrocatalytic oxygen reduction, Solar fuels


Researcher Positions: We are looking for postdocs and research assistants (RA) with a strong background in nanomaterials and catalysis. Experience in electrocatalysis is preferred. Interested applicants should send their inquiries along with CV to Dr. Anand Kumar by email.


Selected Publications (Full list can be accessed through google scholar)

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